Jens Knoop has had a strong relationship with chocolate since his childhood in rural Germany. In 2013, he decided to share his passion and opened the first Knoops chocolate bar in Rye, East Sussex. They have now opened in London, at Kensington High Street and Clapham Junction with other locations coming soon. Knoops also has an online retail store.

Knoops offers expertly crafted chocolate drinks and coffee, to drink in or create at home.

Knoops say that drinking chocolate brings joy, and not just for nostalgic reasons or as a welcome treat – it has health benefits too. Theobromine is a naturally occurring ingredient in cocoa that has been found to enhance mood and lower heart rate. Chocolate drinks made with dairy milk could also enhance recovery and rehydration during and after exercise, due to milks easily absorbed nutrient profile.

How Have We Worked Together?

We have worked with Knoops on a number of areas to enable the company to expand operations. These are:

  • Worked with the Senior management Team to obtain EIS advance assurance
  • Advised on restructure of existing business into a group via a share for share exchange
  • Liaised with the company’s solicitors with regards to allotment of share capital
  • Dealt with EIS investment round, associated compliance and production of investor certificates
  • Specialist VAT advice around the company’s supplies
  • Company compliance services including accounts, tax and company secretarial

What Does Knoops Have To Say?

The team at CB Reid have been been a huge help to us and our growing business. They have an excellent understanding of growth businesses and have delivered solutions for us at just the right times. We have developed an excellent working relationship and we would certainly recommend them to any start-up or high-growth businesses.

Lorraine DunbarCFO