Poncho is empowering parents to create a better life for their families, through more affordable and accessible wraparound childcare.
They have developed a platform that enables working parents to quickly view and book a broad but curated range of wraparound childcare solutions. Poncho has selected the best childrens’ activity providers across the country and together with employers they’re making them available  at rates that are more affordable than people can find elsewhere. Through their unique platform, they will be looking to provide both online classes and in-person classes.
They aim to be a one-stop-shop that solves childcare problems for parents and employers.

How Have We Worked Together?

We have worked with Poncho on a number of areas. These include:

  • Payroll and pensions compliance
  • Preparing their EIS advance assurance application

What Does Poncho Have To Say?

We've had an excellent experience working with the team at CB Reid. Their experience really came to the fore when they helped us get our advance assurance application approved which will help us raise further funds from investors.

Ben ProutyCo-founder