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HMRC’s National Minimum Wage (NMW) team is offering live webinars about salaried hours work and the National Minimum Wage, in response to customer feedback. 

The webinar will cover the key points around salaried hours work, the changes that were brought about by the amendments to the legislation in April 2020 as well as tackling some long-standing myths about salaried hours work. 

It will look in detail at: 

  • the concept of salaried hours work covering the criteria that must be met for a worker to be performing salaried hours work for minimum wage purposes 
  • the importance of record keeping 
  • the calculation of the NMW for salaried hours workers 
  • how to put things right if mistakes have been made 

The aim is that the webinar will answer the broad questions that you have around applying the salaried hours work rules. 

As HMRC are unable to go into individual circumstances, they will not be taking live questions during the webinar, however, you do have the option to submit general questions on the topic during registration. 

The webinars will be taking place throughout September 2023 and you can register here.

There is a full suite of recorded webinars available to view at any time at National Minimum Wage webinars. These cover various topics such as Elements of Pay, Working Time and Apprentices. 

If you would like to discuss any element of the National Minimum Wage with a member of the team at CB Reid, we’d be delighted to hear from you.